Our History in Northwest Indiana


Celebrating 75 Years of Service to Our Customers

Harold Henry - Cleaning Equipment & Supplies in Hammond, IN
In 1939, The Henry Family relocated to Indiana from Youngstown, Ohio when the Steel Company Harold worked for transferred them there. Harold and his wife Velma, settled in Hammond, IN and opened a business, "Henry's Sweeper Service", on Columbia Ave. in Hammond. Harold sold and repaired vacuums, and Velma manned the shop during times that Harold was working shifts at the steel mill.
During WWII, since no new vacuums were being made due to the war effort, Harold turned his attention to repairing and servicing all major brands of vacuums. When the war ended, Harold added major appliance sales and service along with the sales and repairing of vacuums.

In the late 1940's, Harold's company became a distributor for the Health-Mor Company which manufactured "Filter Queen Home Sanitation Systems". Since many men had returned from the service looking for work, Harold developed a direct sales business and employed hundreds of them as salesmen. Operating 9 offices throughout North Central Indiana, Harold became one of the most successful vacuum cleaner dealers in the USA, and The Henry Company is the ONLY brick and mortar establishment that still sells the American Made "Filter Queen" brand, with the newest model known as the "Empress".

Today we're a 3rd generation family business that has survived many recessions, big box store invasions, internet sales, etc., by doing what we've always done – listen to the needs of the customer and showing them the machine that will do the job for them.

By repairing every make out there, we learn what works and what lasts, and sell accordingly. On line or in a discount store, there is no such expertise, so you're often times just guessing, or relying on overly optimistic marketing ( note – everyone always says their product is great!).

Henry Company Span - Cleaning Equipment & Supplies in Hammond, IN
So come in next time you need a good vacuum – When you BUY RIGHT THE 1ST TIME, YOU'LL SAVE MONEY!”